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Opportunity to transform the
Hungarian House
into a vibrant cultural and community center

The Hungarian House (HH) is one of the oldest Hungarian institutions operating in the heart of New York City located on East 82nd Street. It has been the home of the Hungarian community since 1966 providing a venue for cultural events and a gathering place for the many community groups, including the Hungarian School, the Hungarian Scouts and others, it also houses the American Hungarian Library.

The Owners’ Committee (HHOC), consisting of the three owners of the Hungarian House, namely, the Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris, the Széchenyi István Society and the American Hungarian Library and Historical Society is seeking a passionate, dynamic, well-rounded individual or individuals with excellent communication skills and leadership qualities to move the HH to its next level and to better serve our community. 

The HHOC is currently working on a strategic plan but expects the successful candidate(s) to assist it in shaping and successfully implementing the agreed strategy.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Create and organize Programing

  • Foster community relationships

  • Fundraising and donor relations 

  • General administrative functions, including rentals, financial bookkeeping, and records. 

  • Physical maintenance of the building and technical support

  • Office hours at least once a week (currently the HH is closed during the summer months, but this could be expanded) 

Terms and expectations 

  • The position(s) is (are) on a half-time basis starting in September. The final contract will be for a period of 3 years, to be confirmed in January. 

  • Compensation is commensurate with experience and the scope of responsibilities assumed by the candidate(s) consisting of a mix of fixed and variable compensation depending on the income generated. 

  • The successful candidate(s) will prepare a short-term plan including a budget to be for the Fall season, including measurable goals and objectives, as well as assist the HHOC in the strategic planning process to be completed by the end of the year. 

  • The successful candidate(s) will regularly (at least monthly) report to the HHOC 

  • The position is estimated to require about 8-16 hours regularly per week (office hours) and depending on events and programs, availability to host and manage those. 

  • The technical manager would be required to inspect the house at regular intervals and provide technical support for events and programs. 

Qualifications and Requirements 

  • Fluent in English and Hungarian. 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

  • Experience in cultural program management, administrative and financial management, and technical skills relevant for the upkeep of the HH depending on the responsibilities. 

  • U.S. citizen, legal resident, or a valid work permit 

To Apply for this opportunity, or one of the specific areas of responsibilities 

please send your resume and an outline of your ideas no later than the July 28th deadline using the link below. 

HH Opportunity: Text


For further information about the Hungarian House please visit our website at the link below. 
Download the detailed description of the opportunity, and the roles and responsibilities below in PDF format.

The Hungarian House

The Opportunity
(PDF document)

HH Opportunity: Files
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