Next available courses

If you are already our student or you know your level you can sign up by paying the course fee. If you are a new student, before paying, please write to us and ask for a compulsory knowledge level test HERE.


October 25th until the middle of December
(with one week Thanksgiving break)

7 lessons (each lesson is 1.5 hours)

Levels and schedule:

Advanced (MagyarOk B1, Chapter 4.): Tuesday at 3.45 PM
Intermediate II. (MagyarOk A2, Chapter 3): Wednesday at 3.30 PM
Intermediate I. (MagyarOk A2, Chapter 1-2): Wednesday at 5.00 PM
Basic-Intermediate (MagyarOk A1, Chapter 7.): Tuesday at 5.30 PM
Elementary (MagyarOk A1 Chapter 5-6) Monday at 5 PM
Beginner (MagyarOk A1 Chapter 3): Tuesday at 7.30 AM

Course fee and registration:

7-week-course for adults: $250

7-week-course for students (after 10% off): $225

Each lesson is 1.5 hours long, prices include course material. If this is the first time you're taking classes at the Library, please let us know your level via email at 

Deadline for registration: 

October 20, 2021


If it is possible, please use Zelle: 

Otherwise, pay by credit card or online by PayPal HERE.