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We are very happy to announce that the renovation of the Library has been completed. To celebrate this milestone in our history, we are currently preparing the virtual opening weekend of the Library, so after checking out the photos of the new space, make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

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Transformation Project

We're committed to being NYC's Hungarian cultural hub that brings you quality programs so you can explore Hungarian culture, literature, history and many more! To improve our services, we are using this unprecedented time to entirely reimagine our physical premises. 


We have retained the architect firm HMA2, led by Henry Myerberg, who specializes in working with educational institutions and libraries. They have strong ties to, and connections with our community. You can read more about HMA2 and projects they have completed here

The first steps have been taken: we moved all the books and relics into a safe storage and are excited to soon start the renovation. 

Scroll down for pictures about the progress of the construction or click below and read our detailed plans for the Library!

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We can't do this without you!

We are starting a capital fundraising drive for the complete renovation of the Library. 

For this purpose we have received an anonymous matching grant of up to $100,000. If we can raise the equivalent amount, it will be sufficient to cover the entire renovation project (please see renderings in the above gallery)

We are pleased to offer donors the opportunity to have specific spaces dedicated with plaques.  

Renovating the Library is but the first step towards ultimately upgrading the entire Hungarian House so that the space can collectively meet the cultural needs of the Hungarian-American community in New York as well as visitors.

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What would the new space mean to you?

What would the new space mean to you?

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